Loop and Phrase

18.06.22 - 26.06.22

Matt Page

as part of ‘Expositions’ during the 2022 Open Day at
Shatwell Farm, Somerset

Expositions brought together the work of six artists, installed across the site of Shatwell Farm. The selection of works traversed the conscious and unconscious territories of memory, materiality and space.

Matt Page exhibited a series of drawings and sculptures, entitled ‘Loop and Phrase’, in the Haybarn.

Photographs by Roland Chambers.

Matt Page, ‘Loop and Phrase (drawings and sculpture)’, 2022.

‘These recent drawings and sculptures by Matt Page bring together two series of work titled Loop and Phrase. Each of the works use and develop a visual language based on conical forms and concentric rings. The cone is a dynamic and suggestive shape: even in its most simple applications, it can be used to suggest expansion or contraction between a point and a larger plane. Both the Loop and Phrase works use this property of the cone to make rhythmic episodes. In Loop, the rhythm is a continuous circuit, self-contained and without a single point of origin. In some of these works the rhythm is abrupt; in others it is a steady pulse. The Phrase drawings and sculptures, too, are contained moments of activity - a central episode of expansion and contraction is led-in and out by shallow felt-covered cones.

Underlying each is a continued inquiry into consciousness and the uniquely human capacity to both be conscious and to be cognisant of our consciousness. This interest was born out of thinking about mortality and death but revealed itself to actually be an interest in life. The works are the products and the sustenance of this inquiry.’