Kendra Matchett has simultaneously worked in the visual and healing arts since the 1990’s. Her psychotherapy practice focuses on intergenerational transmission - how memories from an unconscious past are transmitted across generations. This work alongside an interest in art and philosophy led her to create Galerie IFF in 2007 with Gavin Morrison. The gallery was nomadic, producing exhibitions and editions, primarily in Provence, France, with satellite exhibitions occurring in Japan.

In 2017 Kendra moved back to the UK and started projects at Shatwell Farm where she resides. This led to various collaborations to create exhibitions, events and gatherings.

From 2019-21 she co-directed a gallery project, Matchett & Page, alongside Matthew Page at Shatwell Farm. The gallery occupied an unused farm building to show mainly local artists with a strong sensibility towards art brut.

Kendra continues to curate exhibitions, events and performances, having a passion for working closely with artists of all disciplines to create unusual crossovers. She is inspired by works that reflect the internal process of the artist.

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