Jackie Brooks

during the 2023 Open Day at
Shatwell Farm, Somerset

Tick by Jackie Brooks was part of the Shatwell Farm Open Day, held during the week of the summer solstice. Five artists responded to and activated the landscape, structures and architectural enquiries of Shatwell farm. Their various artworks existed in conversation with one another and visitors who attended the open day.

Jackie Brooks inhabited the Silo with a large-scale sculpture that responded to the architecture of the silo and the audio composition one.two.red.blue by Pike Ogilvy. 

Jackie Brooks, ‘Tick’, 2023.

‘‘Tick’ is a sculpture responding to Leonora Oppenheim’s performance ‘Warning: Test for Air.’ The vessels that comprise the work are made around inflated (and deflated) balloons. They are at the mercy of the gravitatinal forces pulling towards the ground, and the internal forces of air pushing outwards. ‘Tick’ is a fragile container of these powers, asserting a delicate boundary.
The title refers to the parasite that jumps from host to host. Jackie sees a parallel between this itinerancy and the fragility of the concepts of home and shelter.’