17.05.15 - 28.06.15

Stéphane Le Mercier

Galerie IFF, Martigues, France

IFF presented a site specific installation by French artist Stéphane Le Mercier.

Le Mercier's diptych jsdt is composed of a textile print and a wall painting each 345 x 245cm. The work arose from a series of watercolors (2003- 2013) and paintings (2010-2015). It combines abstract pictorial conventions (all over, monochrome, geometrical construction) and written inscriptions related to conceptual art. In everyday language the phrase (jsdt is nothing other than the initials) authorises numerous interpretations both public and private. The inscription is deliberately banal, intending to produce a feeling of discomfort in the viewer, augmented by the monochromatic field and the installation in two phases...