Sounds & Shapes

17.07.21 - 01.08.21


Denman + Gould

Lucy or Robert

Curated by Matchett & Page

Shatwell Farm, Somerset

Sounds and Shapes showed the work of three artists installed across the site of Shatwell Farm. Disinformation, Denman + Gould and Lucy or Robert each showed a different approach to using geometric languages.

Sound installation by art project Disinformation at Shatwell Farm, Somerset, UK. Film by Jonah Ginsburg.

‘Installed in one of the disused grain silos is an immersive sound installation by Disinformation. The work, titled ‘Closed Circuit’ (2021), transforms the silo from a relic of Shatwell Farm’s productive past – it was built when the site was an operating dairy farm – into a ‘strange laboratory’ within which visitors experience sound as it resonates the space and through the sensations of touching the vibrating walls.’

Drone footage by Jason Clark of Denman + Gould’s installation Formation 2.

‘Outside of the silo, Dorset-based artists Denman + Gould have installed Formation 2 (2021), a courtyard that responds to the space bounded by the Drawing Matter archive building, the silos and the Atcost barn. The design of the courtyard is influenced by the bold uses of colour and geometry in the work of constructivist artist Liubov Popova, and uses triangle-based seating and paving first developed for their public art project in Southampton.’

Lucy or Robert, ‘Silk Shapes’, 2021, silkscreen prints & Denman + Gould, ‘Formation 2’ drawings, 2021 (in the display tables)

‘A new series of experimental silkscreen prints, ‘Silk Shapes’ (2021) by Lucy or Robert follows their current preoccupations with the geometry and heraldry of racing silks and the 1928 Irish Free state coin designs championed by W. B. Yeats.’