Sound, Tea and Architecture

16.10.21 - 17.10.21

Secret Staircase by Artmusic with animations by David Daniels

Shatwell Farm, Somerset

Sound, Tea and Architecture brought together sound, animation and the world of tea -each responding to the architecture of the silo and site of Shatwell Farm.

Secret Staircase is an immersive sound installation inspired by the Nelson Staircase in Somerset House, London. The project had been shown in various venues with interesting staircases, but for this iteration two tall ladders were placed in a silo at Shatwell Farm to replicate a staircase. Small speakers were attached to the ladders at varying heights which played a composition for saxophone by Helen Ottoway, performed by Nick Sorensen. This was accompanied by graphic animations projected onto the silo floor and walls by David Daniels - whilst Comins Tea calmly served fine teas, dumplings and cakes in the yard outside.

Secret Staircase by Artmusic with animations by David Daniels.