Shelter, Retreat and Spiral

18.06.22 - 26.06.22

Sandra Porter

as part of ‘Expositions’ during the 2022 Open Day at
Shatwell Farm, Somerset

Expositions brought together the work of six artists, installed across the site of Shatwell Farm. The selection of works traversed the conscious and unconscious territories of memory, materiality and space.

Sandra Porter exhibited a series of intaglio prints and watercolours, entitled ‘Shelter’, ‘Retreat’ and ‘Spiral’, in the Atcost barn.

Photographs by Roland Chambers.

Sandra Porter, ‘Shelter’ and ‘Spiral’, 2022.

‘Sandra Porter is inspired by architecture - from the cupolas of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, to the marble stripes of Siena Cathedral and, most recently, the buildings of Shatwell Farm and the exploration of the Drawing Matter archive. ‘It seems to me that I see examples of “my work” in buildings everywhere’,  she says. ‘I soak up influences wherever I go.’ She develops representational prints and drawings into abstract imagery and the prints and watercolours shown here demonstrate this process most clearly. Sandra came to Shatwell Farm to explore the archive with no fixed objective in mind. Being in new surroundings and having the opportunity to study here has generated new work that responds directly to the collection and to the buildings on the site. The titles of the work, ‘Shelter’, ‘Retreat’ and ‘Spiral’, reflect the fundamental need for the security and safety that buildings provide.’

Sandra Porter, ‘Retreat’ (Back) and ‘Retreat’ (Front), 2022.