Raymond Moralès

05.07.15 - 08.08.15

Galerie IFF, Martigues, France

IFF presented an exhibition of sculptures by Raymond Moralès.

Raymond Moralès (1926-2004) was an outsider artist who used to live and work near Martigues, in Port de Bouc, France. His sculptures often depict distorted, monumental metal forms of humans, animals and machines.

A selection of his sculptures was exhibited in the gallery, accompanied with photographs by Bernard Borme, of the sculptures that rest on the land around Morales' former studio in Port de Bouc.

Raymond Moralès was born on 22.07.1926 in Martigues and died the same day in Port de Bouc in 2004. At 14 he began his apprenticeship in ironwork alongside his blacksmith father, in the shipyards of Port de Bouc. He had a curious and creative mind, with a taste for innovation. His constant need to create saw him initially try painting, but finally at the age of 40 he discovered metal sculpture. He found his creative strength in solitude, but his work was rooted in life: the human condition in all its forms. 

"While the metal is heating the scene forms in my mind, I throw myself onto the iron, it cools quickly, the combat is undertaken"

"I won the battle with the strength of the fist"