Nicola Turner & Lapses

18.06.22 - 26.06.22

Nicola Turner,
and Clare Whistler,
with Jim Blackburn

as part of ‘Expositions’ during the 2022 Open Day at

Shatwell Farm, Somerset

Expositions brought together the work of six artists, installed across the site of Shatwell Farm. The selection of works traversed the conscious and unconscious territories of memory, materiality and space.

Nicola Turner exhibited sculptures and drawings in the Atcost barn as well as devising an immersive installion in the Silo alongside Clare Whistler and Jim Blackburn entitled ‘Lapses’.

Photographs by Roland Chambers.

Nicola Turner, ‘Sculpture and Drawings’, 2022.

Works displayed:

‘Nicola Turner’s practice investigates the dissolution of boundaries, liminal states, and the continuous exchange of ecosystems. In doing so, she explores the interconnection of life and death, human and non-human, attraction and repulsion. She combines found objects that hold traces of memory, the shapes of living forms, and materials from organic& dead matter such as horsehair - a material used previously for bedding and furniture and, in that regard, alive with history and memory. Her work resonates with the notion of abjection and, consequently, carries within it an acute awareness of death. Amid this state of confusion and unsettlement, however, an affirmation of life’s forces is simultaneously allowed to arise.’

‘Lapses’, 2022 by Nicola Turner (mixed media installation including horsehair, wool, coir, wood, hair strung bow, fir and pine resin, rosin and copper wire), with movement by Clare Whistler and sound by Jim Blackburn. Video edited by Amy Teh.

‘Within the gloom of the unlit silo one enters the interior through the strange tendrils leaking out

In the dim of the interior, filled with material, almost an invasion

A container that leaks- in a thousand ways

The interior of the body

The cave, the mind, going into a darkness, let’s see what unfurls from there

Within the sculptures

A person responding

And a deep thrum of an octobass, sound under sound

The ingredients for Lapses’

by Clare Whistler